What is Arctic Home?

Inspired by the threat facing the polar bear and its habitat, Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are joining forces to help protect the polar bear’s home. Together we are raising awareness and funds to help manage and protect a place where polar bears and people can thrive in the Arctic—a project that will require working with local communities and governments, supporting research and carrying out additional conservation work. As a part of the Arctic Home effort, Coca-Cola has committed $2 million over five years and has agreed to match up to $1 million of consumer donations through February 15, 2014.

As a teacher, can I utilize Arctic Home in my classroom?

Absolutely. is an excellent educational resource.


Why is the polar bear important to Coca-Cola?

The polar bear is a part of The Coca-Cola Company's heritage and means a great deal to the Company and our consumers. For nearly 90 years, the polar bear has been a Coca-Cola icon, representing the start of the holiday season. Through Arctic Home we are renewing our commitment to help ensure the protection of the polar bear and its habitat.

Why is Coca-Cola partnering with WWF?

This project grew out of our existing relationship and mutual interest in helping the polar bear. We started the Polar Bear Support Fund together in 2007 and we wanted to do even more. WWF has a vision for how we can work together to help protect the home of the polar bear —we’re asking people to join us in helping them bring that vision to life.

What is the Last Ice Area?

The vision for the Last Ice Area is to create a sustainable area, as vast as 500,000 square miles, to uphold the habitat needs of the polar bear, other ice dependent species and local people. To achieve this vision, WWF will work with local communities, governments, support Arctic research, and carry out additional polar bear conservation work.

What will it cost to help create an Arctic Home for the polar bear?

Establishing a place where polar bears and people can thrive in the Arctic will cost an estimated $10 plus million over the next five years and will require working with local communities, governments, supporting Arctic research and carrying out additional conservation work. The research and reports that will inform the planning process will depend on donations from efforts like Arctic Home to be a success.

What else can I do to help the polar bears?

One of the easiest things you can do is help spread the word and create awareness for this project. Invite your friends to use the site and post articles, videos and status updates on Facebook to help promote the effort and bring in more donations. If you would like to do even more, check out the "Take Action" section of "Arctic Efforts," which features many tips for reducing your energy consumption and personally help slow the Arctic sea ice decline.


Where does my donation go?

All donations go to World Wildlife Fund through Arctic Home—the collaboration between The Coca-Cola Company and WWF—the goal of which is to define places where polar bears and people can thrive in the Arctic, built around a natural “safety net” of ice high in the Arctic archipelago of Canada and Greenland that will likely persist longer than anywhere else. Ideally co-managed by Arctic Indigenous people, this designated ice area could cover 500,000 square miles of the Arctic ecosystem and help protect wildlife and habitats on land, sea, and sea ice while maintaining the needs of the people that call it home.

How can people make a donation?

There are three ways to make a donation. You can donate online—via a mobile device or desktop computer—using a credit card (minimum donation amount $5). You can also make a donation by texting BEAR to 357357.* Each text will trigger a personal donation of $5 via your mobile carrier. Another way to give, if you are a member of My Coke Rewards, is to donate your points. A 70-point donation equates to a donation of approximately $1 to WWF, which will go to support our polar bear conservation efforts, including the Last Ice Area.

*Standard text messaging rates will apply.

How is my online donation processed? Is it safe?

Online Credit Card donations are processed directly by WWF on their website. You will receive an electronic receipt from WWF immediately upon completion of your donation. For more information please visit


I am having technical issues. Who can I contact?

If you’re having trouble exploring Arctic Home’s virtual world, please contact us at 800-527-9441.



Any legal resident of the United States, over the age of thirteen, is eligible to make a donation to

Cash Donations

Eligible parties may donate by clicking "Donate" at the top left of the Arctic Home page or mobile site. Credit card donations made from the site must meet a $5 minimum. Donations by mobile phone will be $5.

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